Hundreds of Financial Advisors are taking the trek…

“We have worked with Digital Sherpa for over two years now and our social media reach has doubled, if not more. Capitalizing on our local and personal contacts, Sherpa has helped us come up with a strategy to reach more people through our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  They direct and connect team members with community members, further spreading the message of our practice.”

Sasa Mirkovic

What Does Digital Sherpa Represent?

Life is a journey, often compared to an epic mountain trek. Consider us your Sherpa when it comes to digital marketing — we’re here to support you on your journey to the top and empower you with the resources to Keep Climbing.

Join Us In Our Vision

We’re here to solve America’s financial literacy epidemic through educational and empowering content – “The National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s 2017 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey showed that nearly half of American adults gave themselves grades C, D or F in personal finance knowledge, while another study reported that just 1 in 5 Americans participated in personal finance education in our K-12 schools, colleges or the workplace.”

Blame it on 2008 or the handful of dishonest financial advisors out there, whatever the case may be, establishing trust between financial advisors and the general public through social media is important. It’s not simply about the bottom line, it’s about the human connection — genuinely helping people succeed and achieve financial freedom. “In a 2013 TIAA-CREF survey, almost half of the respondents, 48%, say that they do not know which sources of financial advice to trust.”

How Can Digital Sherpa Help?

Deepen Relationships, Establish Trust and Build your Book of Business with our
Expand > Empower > Engage Approach

What Can You Expect?

Profile optimization

Create and/or enhance your social media profiles to reflect your practices’ current marketing campaign and improve your search rankings. Boost your ‘likes’ and connections to improve your presence.

Presence and Branding

Daily content creation to brand your practice as thought leaders in the industry and empower your network with content that matters.  

Increase prospect and client engagement statistics by actively corresponding with your network.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Proprietary LinkedIn prospecting strategies that develop quality lead lists in your area and Facebook ad campaigns for increased event turnout. Expect 300-400+ prospects annually.

In-depth strategy calls that dive deep into your practices’ overall marketing campaign. We’ll provide comprehensive marketing advice and tailor our social media services accordingly.

Strategic Partnership

Key Management Group

Digital Sherpa has formed a strategic partnership with Key Management Group to help our financial advisors with even more than marketing. 

Key Management Group helps financial advisors get very clear about their goals.  They work with practices to implement strategic solutions that accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and increase the value of your business.  

If this interests you, we can gladly connect you with KMG to get you started.